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Another Way to Welcome the New Year

Join us for our New Year’s Eve meditation to enter 2013 with peace and equanimity. We gather at 10:30 p.m. (with meditation instruction for those who wish). The meditation begins at 11:15 p.m. and crosses midnight. Light refreshments shared afterwards. … Continue reading

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Evening Service

August 18, 2011, begins a new round of Thursday Evening Services, an amalgamation of two services regularly performed at Tendai temples. The first is the Morning Service based upon The Lotus Sutra and the other is the Evening Service based … Continue reading

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Thirty Monks from Japan come to Tendai Buddhist Institute to perform Soryo Tokudo (ordination) ceremony

Seishin Jack Fitterer of Indian Lake, along with five other Tendai Buddhist monks from the United States and Denmark became the first trained outside of Japan to receive Soryo Tokudo, an advanced ordination requiring a minimum of six years of … Continue reading

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Life, Death, Rebirth

Here in the North Country a few branches of leaves begin to show autumn colors by the end of August. In the past week I see some yellowing and falling to the lawn, foreshadowing the turn of the season from … Continue reading

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August 2, 2010 – Tendai and the Natural World

Our continuing discussion of the role of the natural world in Buddhism moves to a consideration of its importance in Tendai tradition and practices.  Since the foundation of Tendai, the benefit of practicing in the bosom of nature has been … Continue reading

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Oceans, Mountains, Forests

Buddhist writings and practices are filled with images of the natural world–the sun, the moon, the rain, remote mountains and deep forests–offering numberless suggestions for contemplation on change, compassion, insight and our place within nature rather than outside or over … Continue reading

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